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The first appearances of the Fourth Doctor across several mediums -- Death Flower in TV Comic, Doctor Who and the Iron Legion in Doctor Who Weekly, and Gaze of the Medusa by Titan Comics.

The first Fourth Doctor comic story was Death Flower, printed within TV Comic. Other than the main TV Comic magazine, stories would also be printed within the TV Comic annuals and the regular Doctor Who annuals.

Starting with The Duellists in 1978, all comic stories featuring the Fourth Doctor published in TV Comic were simply reprints of older comics from the range with the art altered to resemble Tom Baker. TV Comic ceased to feature Doctor Who comics in May 1979.

Five months after TV Comic stopped releasing Doctor Who comics, Doctor Who Weekly took over as the ongoing regular comic strip. The Doctor Who Weekly comic strip launched with the Doctor travelling on his own. Later a number of new as well as more familiar characters were included. These decisions were largely determined by the issue of image rights, although the writers of said comics were fond of the idea of writing the Doctor on his own.

While stories to feature the Fourth Doctor stagnated after the exit of Tom Baker from the programme, he has been occasionally featured in publications released much later. This has most recently included a five-issue comic series printed by Titan Comics.

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TV Comic[]

Travelling with Sarah Jane Smith
Travelling alone
Note: From Issues 1292 to 1325, the Doctor Who comic strip is reduced from the usual two pages to one.
Travelling with Sarah Jane Smith
Travelling with Andric
Travelling alone
Travelling with Leela
Travelling alone

Reprint stories[]

TV Comic annuals[]

Doctor Who Annuals[]

Doctor Who Weekly / Doctor Who Monthly / Doctor Who Magazine[]

Title Writer Featuring Magazine Printed In Released
Doctor Who and the Iron Legion Pat Mills and John Wagner Doctor Who Weekly 1-8 11 October-29 November 1979
City of the Damned 9-16 9 December 1979-24 January 1980
Timeslip Dez Skinn and Paul Neary First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, K9 Mark II 17-18 31 January-7 February 1980
Doctor Who and the Star Beast Pat Mills and John Wagner Sharon, K9 Mark II, Beep the Meep 19-26 14 February-3 April 1980
Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom Sharon, K9 Mark II, Daleks 27-34 10 April-29 May 1980
Doctor Who and the Time Witch Steve Moore Sharon, K9 Mark II 35-38 5-26 June 1980
Dragon's Claw Sharon, K9 Mark II, Sontarans 39-43 3 July-11 September 1980
Doctor Who Monthly 44-45
The Collector Sharon, K9 Mark II 46 9 October 1980
Dreamers of Death 47-48 13 November-11 December 1980
The Life Bringer! K9 Mark II 49-50 8 January-12 February 1981
War of the Words 51 12 March 1981
Spider-God 52 9 April 1981
The Deal Steve Parkhouse 53 7 May 1981
End of the Line 54-55 11 June-9 July 1981
Doctor Who and The Free-Fall Warriors Dr Ivan Asimoff, Freefall Warriors 56-57 13 August-10 September 1981
Junkyard Demon FlotsamJetsam, Cyberman 58-59 8 October-12 November 1981
The Neutron Knights King Arthur, Merlin the Wise 60 10 December 1981
Party Animals Gary Russell Seventh Doctor, Ace, Death's Head, Dr Ivan Asimoff, Freefall Warriors Doctor Who Magazine 173 18 April 1991
Time & Time Again Paul Cornell First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Susan, Jamie, Zoe, Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Frobisher, Ace, Benny, White Guardian, Black Guardian 207 25 November 1993
Victims Dan Abnett Romana II 212-214 14 April-9 June 1994
Black Destiny Gary Russell Sarah, Harry 235-237 18 January-14 March 1996
Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time Sean Longcroft Sean 243 29 August 1996
Death to the Doctor! Jonathan Morris First Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Steven, Dodo, Jo, The Brig, Romana I, K9 Mark II, Frobisher, Izzy, Rose, Martha 390 13 December 2007


Title Writer Featuring Printed in Released
K-9's Finest Hour Steve Moore K9 Mark II DWM 12 27 December 1979
The Touchdown on Deneb-7 Paul Neary DWM 48 11 December 1980

Doctor Who Yearbooks[]

Title Writer Featuring Printed in
Under Pressure Dan Abnett Third Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Liz, Jo, Ace, Sea Devils Doctor Who Yearbook 1992
Rest and Re-Creation Scott Gray Leela, Zygons Doctor Who Yearbook 1994
The Naked Flame Sarah, Menoptera Doctor Who Yearbook 1995
Star Beast II Gary Gillatt K9 Mark II, Beep the Meep Doctor Who Yearbook 1996
Junkyard Demon II Alan Barnes FlotsamJetsam, Cybermen

Doctor Who Magazine specials[]

Title Writer Featuring Printed in
The Seventh Segment Gareth Roberts Romana I, K9 Mark II DWMS Summer 1995

IDW publishing[]

Mini-series and one-shots[]

Doctor Who (2012)[]

  • Dead Man's Hand (DW12 15 featuring Matrix projections of the first eleven Doctors and the War Doctor)

Prisoners of Time[]

Titan Publishing Group[]

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