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Four Dimensions was the ninth story of the Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor comic story series published in 2015.


The Doctor, Alice and Jones were getting used to having ARC around. A shapeshifter whose origins are shrouded in mystery, ARC still saved their lives time after time.

So why has ARC suddenly commandeered the TARDIS, crossing back over its own timeline in one of the most dangerous stunts a time traveler can pull?! Has ARC been a sleeper agent all along, or are there deeper motives at work?

It's up to the Doctor and his companions to find out – if ARC doesn't wipe them all out first!


The Doctor has made it his mission to find the Entity and reunite ARC with it, so no-one else can do wrong with its powers. Jones accidentally insults the Doctor by pointing out he abused the powers when he was CEO of SERVEYOUinc. Alice scolds him as the Doctor sulks at the memory.

The Doctor hooks him to the telepathic circuits. However, ARC begins acting strange, saying that he and the TARDIS have gone back in time to when he was split from the Entity. ARC warns that they are about to collide with something, with the Doctor confused that this is something his TARDIS would agree to. At the moment of collision, the TARDIS explodes into four different colours (black, pink, blue and yellow)

The Doctor finds himself in space, in a non-coporeal body, He watches a ship from SERVYOUinc arrive on the Entity. The Talent Scout is amongst the crew; it a bumbling choice, the vile man orders the Entity severely shocked. The result is ARC being spat out and the Talent Scout being sucked in.

Alice finds herself alone in the control room, asking the TARDIS for help in finding her friends. It offers the telepathic circuits, with Alice saying it had better not shock her.

Jones finds himself in pool, where someone appears and offers him his every dream in exchange for eternal servitude. However, Jones turns him down and the stranger vanishes. Following Alice's directions, Jones returns to the console room, where he explains that the stranger was the Talent Scout.

The Talent Scout appears before ARC in the control room, trying to force his will upon the creature. ARC runs into the control room, where the Talent Scout offers to grant their wishes if they give him the TARDIS. Using the telepathic link, Alice opens the doors and ARC knocks the Talent Scout out. The Doctor climbs back in, proud of his TARDIS team for defeating their foe.

Figuring out the timeline for the Talent Scout, which is pretty much backwards to them, the Doctor believes their next meeting will be their last.



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  • John's stage identity as Xavi Moonburst bears somewhat of a resemblance to David Bowie's reinvention as Ziggy Stardust.
  • The Talent Scout's form when attempting to seduce John is based on David Bowie's costume in the Movie Labyrinth.
  • After the TARDIS explosion, each character is a different color: the Doctor is colorless, Alice is yellow, Jones is blue and ARC is pink
    • When each character joins Alice in the control room, the background changes as a result of their respect color scheme merging: yellow, green, indigo and finally regular color.
  • This story largely takes place entirely in the TARDIS, with scenes in the TARDIS swimming pool (TV: The Invasion of Time) and engine room (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

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