The Founding Families, also known as the First Families, (AUDIO: Love Me Not) were the initial terraformers (PROSE: Legacy) from Earth that established colonies on other worlds. They generally held power over their colonies and served as the governing body.

The twenty Founding Families and their descendants made Kaldor habitable. (PROSE: Corpse Marker, AUDIO: Occam's Razor)

In the Elysium system, the Founding Families maintained religious order and kept themselves secluded, which resulted in inbreeding to preserve their "purity". A civil war eventually broke out between rebels who wanted to resume contact with Earth and the Families that wanted to keep their power. (PROSE: Parasite)

Kiy Uvanov was not a member of the Founding Families, as his family were among the last to arrive on Kaldor. (PROSE Doctor Who and the Robots of Death)

Individual Founding Family Members[]