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(Try The Howling, instead.)
Last week, we had a bit of a wobble when opening up the page for The New World to general editing. The fact that Torchwood: Miracle Day episodes are originating late Friday night in the US had some unexpected results for the admin staff. It's just not a great time for most of us to be here to open pages up. Remember, the global premiere of an episode of Torchwood now ends at 11pm Eastern on Fridays. That's 3am London time/1pm Sydney time Saturday. As a result, some editors were left frustrated on July 9 waiting around for the page to be opened, to be helped only by the fact that not all our admin are in those three locations. (See Talk:The New World)

From here on out we're going to do things differently. The remaining episodes will now be opened for editing automatically by the system at 2259 Friday EST/0259 Saturday UTC/0059 Saturday NSW). If you experience any problems over the rest of this series, please send me a message.
czechout   20:23:40 Mon 11 Jul 2011 

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