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Please don't specify thumbnail widths

Images should not have their parameters defined. That means, when creating a thumbnail or a standalone image, a specific size - such as 200px - should not be entered.

This is for a number of reasons, some of which are:

  • The issues that arise where one medium is given prominence over another. Prose is just as valid as TV which is just as valid as comics, and so on.
  • The problems that arise when performing bot maintenance.
  • With Fandom becoming ever more popular on the go, it can also create issues on more delicate devices.

Pages that do not use infoboxes can make use of {{first pic}} which creates a 250px image aligned to the right. This should only be used once on an article, right at the start, where you may wish to give prominence to a picture that illustrates the subject particularly well. All subsequent images should have their size defined.

Rule summary

Just for clarity, file width specifications:

  • are allowed in infoboxes, where they should always and without exception be 250px. (If this makes your infobox pic unbelievably long, or gives it a weird amount of white space, then your infobox pic has not been cropped properly. Make it a minimum of 300px wide, crop it to a widescreen aspect ratio, and you'll be fine.)
  • are allowed within gallery structures, but galleries are further regulated by T:GAL. (Chiefly, this means that you can't just put your single image within a gallery structure in order to circumvent the "no-width-specification" rule.)
  • are not allowed at any other time.

But you've broken your own rule!

Now, of course you're going to find cases throughout the wiki where this rule hasn't been followed. Hell, there are a number of cases where I myself haven't followed it. It's awfully tempting to put the first pic on the page at 250px, and then have the others be at "normal" width. But you can't do this, because we need to give full control to users over how big their pics will be. If you really want to make that first pic 250px, put it in an infobox.

Infoboxes aren't required on every page. They're often unnecssary. But if you're going to insist upon having the first pic on the page be at 250px, it must be in an infobox.

Finally, please remember that just because you find cases where this rule has been broken, even by admin, the rule is still binding. Read T:IUP ADMIN for more info about that.
czechout@fandom   21:52: Sat 11 Feb 2012 

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