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Technical Advisory

Pursuant to Tardis:Manual of Style#Story names, javascript has now been added to the site to allow for the italicisation of page titles. I've also added language at the above link to explain how to do it, though {{title}} also has the basic syntax for you to look at.

Please note that this template should also be used on articles about anything that would normally get italics, like book names (Great Expectations), ship names (HMS Teaser), albums (Doctor Who - Original Soundtrack: Series 3), works of art (The Church at Auvers) and the like.

The initial changeover will be handled by the bot, so please don't trouble yourself with putting the template on pages by hand, at least not yet. However, as you create new articles about things that should be italicised, please remember to make sure that {{title}} is there. You may temporarily see some incorrect italicisations, such as Castrovalva (TV story) instead of Castrovalva (TV story). Due to the fact that some story categories have become cluttered with pages that don't actually belong in story cats (like prefixes, season pages, and things that are only related to stories), you may also see some things being italicised which shouldn't be italicised at all. These will be corrected by either a second pass of the bot or manual editing, whichever is quicker. I'll come back here and post a note when the bot changeover has been completed. After that point, you may of course feel free to add {{title}} to any pages that the bot has missed. Thanks :)

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