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Spoilers aren't cool here.
(Try The Howling, instead.)

A recent attempt to standardise the layout and design of all namespaces has now concluded. For a few days this week, you might have noticed that Howling threads suddenly popped up in the "Recent Wiki Activity" (RWA) area in the right-hand columns of most pages.

This was the by-product of trying to make sure that Howling threads had right columns that looked like the rest of the wiki. Indeed, we briefly succeeded in affecting the design of the Howling namespace so that it matched the rest of the wiki. However, we simultaneously pulled Howling threads into RWA, both on the right-hand columns and on Special:WikiActivity.

Since the major goal of the Howling namespace is to hide its content away from readers not wishing to be spoiled, its sudden appearance in RWA was obviously undesirable. According to Wikia staff we can have either consistent layout or a hidden Howling.

Howling has thus been reset as what's known as a "non-content" namespace, and we should expect for Howling threads to vanish from RWA within the next few days.

Because this test was rather deliberately done in the firm "off season", it's hoped that no one eas exposed to (what this site defines as) spoilers.

czechout@fandom   01:16: Wed 23 Nov 2011 

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