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IndexTech notes → ST/DW crossover comic: technical naming restrictions
Spoilers aren't cool here.
(Try The Howling, instead.)
For technical reasons, the name of the new IDW Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover must be 'Assimilation². This is the closest we can come to the intent of the indicia.

We cannot use the full cover or indicia names, which appear to be something like Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation².

We also want our name to be in harmony with our friends at w:c:memorybeta, since they are the major wiki covering it from the Star Trek side. Their article name essentially guides ours, since they don't have restrictions on when they can start an article, and we are bound by T:OFF REL.

In other words, because their article is Assimilation², that's what our name should be for the simplest operation of templates.

Assimilation² will be open for business on 30 May 2012 at 1300 UTC. There is no need to preserve the past attempt at creating the article, since it was deleted at a very early stage. It has two sentences, I believe, neither of which will be relevant after the release date of the comic.

(The page Assimilation2 will exist on 30 May as a redirect for those who cannot easily produce a superscripted 2.)

The Borg

Because of pre-existing Borgs in the DWU, the Star Trek Borg must be called the Borg on this wiki.

Assimilation-warranted templates

Please be advised that I've also created {{mb}} for easy inline linking to memory beta, and {{mbx}} for easy linking in "external links" sections.

Why Memory Beta?

Those unfamiliar with the organisation of Star Trek wikis at Wikia may wonder why we're giving priority to Memory Beta instead of Memory Alpha. This is because of the scopes of the two wikis. Memory Alpha views only the TV series and movies as canon, so they will only be covering this publishing event as merchandise. Memory Beta's approach to canon is much more like ours. They see this as valid because it is licensed. Therefore their coverage is going to be much more extensive.

Nevertheless, I went ahead and created {{ma}} and {{max}} just to satisfy the completist in me.

czechout@fandom   22:44: Tue 22 May 2012 

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