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This version of the Panopticon dates from around mid-2020. You may be looking for the the 2004-early 2020 archives for this board
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Welcome to the Panopticon
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Welcome to the Panopticon!

Like its namesake, our Panopticon is the home of our greatest debates. Here we discuss the maintenance and the development of the wiki itself.

It is open to all users — you don't even have to have edited a single article to post here. The more voices that flow through this forum, the stronger our wiki will become. If you don't understand why a certain policy is the way it is, or if you'd like to suggest changes to the category structure, or even if you're just unsure how to title a new article, you're in the right place.

This forum is completely spoiler-free. Then again, this forum isn't the place for discussions about the narrative, anyway. Indeed, the Panopticon is not to be used for general conversation or off-topic discussions that do not directly concern the editing, philosophies or policy framework of the TARDIS Index File.

In general, any issues that relate to specific articles, should be posted on that article's discussion page. However, if your point may have implications for other, similar pages, it's best to bring the issue here. When an editing issue affects multiple pages, it's really a policy issue more than an individual enquiry.

Archives of this forum, including many important discussions that are still relevant to the way we do things on this wiki, are located at Panopticon archives.

Please remember to sign and date your posts by typing four tildes ("~~~~") or clicking the signature icon ( Sig.PNG ) in the edit toolbar.

Please make sure that your topic name summarises your topic in a way that will be easily searchable.
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