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I've occasionally noticed in-universe articles sporting what can't be in-universe images. Sonic screwdriver is a prime example. This article has only one image that can arguably be said to be in-universe; most are licensed as "merchandise" or "concept art", with the latter images being what I highly suspect to be, in reality, fan art. Shouldn't it be that in-universe articles only use in-universe pictures, except perhaps in their "Behind the scenes" sections? CzechOut | 02:38, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

River Song Sonic Screwdriver

This isn't an image from any story, and is suspected was fan art that only looks like concept art. What the uploader failed to do was to give a specific webpage from which the image was drawn, casting doubt onto the legitimacy of the image. Since we could not independently verify this pic's origin, it was deleted.

Probably. In practise maybe.
Merchandise images should stay in the merchandise pages and shouldn't be making their way onto the in-universe pages.
As for specifically the sonic screwdriver page I can see two that are questionable the file:Early-sonic-screwdriver.jpg which according to the metadata was taken in 2006, while it's possible it's an actual prop, it's more likely that it's a replica. The other is file:River Song Sonic Screwdriver.jpg which while it might be fan art, it may more likely be concept art from the BBC's website.
However, I would be wary of a blanket rule on these things, as there are things like most of the Category:Promotional images many of which are from within stories and such and are in-universe, but there are others such as file:Back_to_stop_the_darkness.jpg, which aren't technically from within stories, but still portray the in-universe characters. --Tangerineduel 06:45, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

Archivist's notes

Back to stop the darkness

This is Billie Piper dressed as Rose Tyler. It's not Rose, and it's not the kind of picture can't be used on in-universe or real world pages.

Tangerineduel's example, file:Back to stop the darkness.jpg was in fact deleted by TD himself, so it's hard to know what he was thinking of as an exception. Truth is, though, the manual of style currently does adopt a blanket rule approach. In fact language put there by TD himself specifically disallows what file:Back to stop the darkness.jpg was: a promotional image with Rose "in a pose thtat is not of an in-universe style . . . such as wallpapers that are available for download". It's clearly current policy that in-universe articles must be illustrated by in-universe pictures.
czechout@fandom   13:28:52 Sat 28 May 2011 

TD's language was recently re-adapted into the easily-findable T:IUI and T:OOUI.
czechout@fandom    11:51: Sat 27 Apr 2013
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