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(Try The Howling, instead.)

With the coming of the new, universal infoboxes, bullet-pointed lists, which were lukewarmly supported before are now outright forbidden. They are not compatible with the new design. Please simply separate elements with the good, old-fashioned comma.

Indeed, please note that it was always a violation of T:NO HTML to use bulleted lists with <ul>, <li> and <br>. So please don't put artificial line breaks in infoboxes anymore, either.

Why are HTML tags illegal around here? One — but not the only — reason is that it's so easy to forget to close your HTML tags. I'm finding in the process of adapting the new infobox that the number one cause of problems is that people haven't properly closed their bulleted list tags. If you encounter a story page where all the text of the page is directly underneath the infobox in a long column, the reason is an unclosed list tag.

Thus, I'm now aggressively stripping all these bulleted lists from the wiki's infoboxes.

At the same time, {{bp}}, which was a great li'l template for achieving consistent standards, has now been retired. If you've recently been editing to try to achieve consistent use of the {{bp}} please stop. ({{bp}} hasn't been quite deleted yet, so as to facilitate finding all its instances of use.)

czechout@fandom   14:57: Fri 09 Mar 2012 

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