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Mini-mitch's question to CzechOut

With the 'Home Era' section now redundant in the infobox, would now be a good time to suggest a change to something like 'Era active' or something along those line - this would make sense since we do have individuals placed in X century.

Era active would just be the era/century we see them in - Amy Pond would be 20th and 21st century whereas as Waitress (Random Shoes) would be 21st century. In other words, we do not base it one age. MM/Want to talk? 19:54, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

No. Just no. Not going into that minefield again. It's out for good. As you'll remember, in the thread Forum:Home Era you yourself de-activated the line after a lengthy discussion that was well attended by a lot of people. As far as I'm concerned, you determined the consensus on the matter and implemented change based on that consensus. If you want it back, now, you'll have to reverse yourself and get it approved through the forums. And it does rather look like both I and Tangerineduel were strongly opposed to it in the original discussion, so I wouldn't expect a reversal from either of us, unless you come up with arguments not originally put forward. I've got a bot run planned to eliminate all that data, based on the original consensus, so if you're going to start a new discussion, please let me know in the next 24 hours, or the point will be moot anyway.
czechout@fandom   21:44: Sun 11 Mar 2012 
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