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At Forum:Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, the nature of whether games were valid sources was debated at leisure. Which is to say that a few points were never clearly resolved. Now that we've changed our prefix system over, the matter is of greater urgency, because the prefixes DWF and FYF must go, thanks to the consensus at Forum:Prefix simplification.

So what do we change these to? There's only really three choices left to us: PROSE, GAME or NOTVALID.

Toward that end, and because there are fewer than 25 total links to both DWF and FYF, Tangerineduel and I had a conversation earlier today to speedily resolve the matter. Here is the relevant section of that chat.

like aren't DYD and FYF really games, not prose? 

oh...those things.

and if there's no set ending are they even valid sources
isn't a precondition of a valid source that it must be experienced the same way by all people

Isn't the exception on games that the over-riding narrative is the important thing, you might die or whatever but the throughput narrative is what was important.
was that discussed or am I just making that up?
anyways, the DYD books I seem to recall much like a game, there's only 2 choices, by the end you're either dead or solved it.

we've (and by that, I don't think I recall you particuarly being in the "we") talked about DYD and FYF but i don't think came to any conclusion
the sticking point with these books is that they don't have the same ending, depending on the choices the reader makes

they have 2 endings, I seem to recall (I think I've read 1 or 2 of the books)

so we then have to decide which we take as the valid one?
i think it's better just to put them outside the fence than to figure out which set of choices is the right one
cause we'd have to specify for every single book

the easier way would be just to get rid of them, or if people complain classify them the same way as novelisations.

yeah, i think this is one case where if people complain, tough
it's too much work

The conversation ended with us agreeing that we're just gonna slap {{notdwu}} on these stories and change the prefix to NOTVALID. Clearly, the number of links to the previous prefixes tells us that almost nobody cares about these sources. I know that OttselSpy25 once expressed a fondness for keeping FYF in place. But I also know there've been six months since the initial debate about FYF, and the prefix is no better linked.

Because we therefore essentially don't cover these stories already, there's no practical problem in saying that we won't cover them. Pages about the stories may of course remain, but information from Decide Your Destiny, Find Your Fate or any similar books may not be included in the in-universe sections of articles.
czechout@fandom    18:19: Mon 01 Oct 2012

agreed. it would be too confusing otherwise to try to include them. any attempt to reference them would have to include "one one account (scenario A). on another account (scenario B)..." which, although it could work, just complicates things further than they need be. i'm in favour of NOTDWUing them. Imamadmad 10:23, October 2, 2012 (UTC)
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