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IndexTech notes → Ability to see hidden categories re-added to Special:Preferences
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After a few weeks of working with Dopp, we've finally secured the return of a very important option to Special:Preferences. If you go to Special:Preferences/Under the hood, and scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see that the option to "view hidden categories" has returned!

This wiki makes extensive use of hidden categories. Click here for a list of the kinds of categories we hide from view. You'll notice they're very, very boring categories with really long names like Category:Articles that were originally Wikipedia forks and Category:Articles containing potentially dated statements from April 2011.

Whether you'll want to enable this feature depends on you. All admin should definitely do so. But if you're a fairly casual user of the site, you probably won't want to add the clutter to the bottom of your pages.

In any event, thanks to Dopp for working so hard to help us win this feature back!
czechout@fandom   15:42: Mon 14 May 2012 

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