The Immaculata Formosii was a legendary "War Goddess" of the posthuman era who allied with several forces in the War in Heaven, (PROSE: The Book of the War) taking on many names including Olympia, Lorraine Conti, and Yaotl. (PROSE: Against Nature)

The Book of the War referenced an entry about the Immaculata Formosii as part of its explanation of the Enemy; however, there was no such entry in the book, suggesting that it had been unwritten by Enemy action. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

History Edit

The Immaculata's origins were one of the most complicated and controversial stories of the War era. At the start of the War, she briefly allied with several different powers before growing bored and moving on. (PROSE: The Book of the War) She joined Faction Paradox under the name "Olympia". (PROSE: Newtons Sleep, Against Nature)

In the 6th year of the War in Heaven, Formosii came into contact with Devonire during his search for Grandfather Paradox's severed arm. Formosii claimed to be an agent of Faction Paradox but that she was thinking of leaving, and offered to steal the arm. Devonire agreed and they met on Kaiwar. Formosii's price for the arm was Devonire's own freshly severed arm; she brought a knife for him to use. The meeting was interrupted by something resembling a living shadow. Formosii asked for Devonire's assistance, saying that she couldn't go back to the Faction and mentioning "new allies". Devonire stole the arm in the chaos and later learned that it was his arm from the future.

Shortly afterwards, still in the War's 6th year, (PROSE: The Book of the War) Father-Mother Olympia was a high ranking member of Faction Paradox who had been punished by Morlock. Olympia was mutilated, missing an arm, and androgynous. Olympia was sent to assess Mother Sphinx's mission in 17th century Europe. During this encounter, Olympia told Piper that they were planning on becoming a woman again and leaving the Faction as soon as their arm grew back. (PROSE: Newtons Sleep) She retained her shadow-weapon after leaving the Faction. (PROSE: Against Nature)

The Immaculata attempted to prevent Goralschai from completing his plan to become a living embodiment of Xiuhtecuhtli. She took on two identities: in the 16th century, she was the demon "Yaotl", a darker aspect of Tezcatlipoca, the Enemy on Both Sides; in the 21st century, she was "Lorraine Conti". Lorraine imprisoned Todd Calavero within Atepexolotl and using her remora on Primo de la Vega. Yaotl hid within Momacani's shadow; once she was done with her work as Lorraine Conti, Yaotl built a body for herself out of vegetation. Acamapichtli killed Yaotl by regressing her body to plant matter and Todd Calavero was resurrected from her body. (PROSE: Against Nature)

Appearance Edit

The Book of the War included a picture of Formosii from before her alliance with the Enemy. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Father-Mother Olympia was less than five feet tall. They had white hair, but looked "vividly young" and sharp-featured. Mistress Piper was unable to tell if Olympia was a man or a woman. (PROSE: Newtons Sleep)

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