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Forged in Fire was a full cast audio anthology released on 22 June 2021 by Big Finish Productions. It was the first release of the resumed The War Doctor audio series. It featured Jonathon Carley as the War Doctor.

The stories in this release take place immediately following the birth of the War Doctor in The Night of the Doctor, and thus chronicle his first and earliest adventures.

Publisher's summary[]

1.1 Light the Flame by Matt Fitton

The Sisterhood of Karn have a guest, recovering from his traumatic regeneration. To do what is asked of him, the Doctor has rejected his name and his code.

The Time Lords have plans for him and for Karn. Is he ready to light the flame of war?

1.2 Lion Hearts by Lou Morgan

Seeking out Gallifrey’s new warrior, Commodore Tamasan finds that the War Doctor has invited himself on a secret mission. The time-sensitive Tharils are in danger, and an old friend of the Doctor is trapped.

But Biroc knows better than to trust either side in this war.

1.3 The Shadow Squad by Andrew Smith

Tamasan is unconvinced of the War Doctor’s loyalties, though when their paths collide, both agree that the destruction of the Dalek Time Strategist could be the best route to victory. But on Atherea, the Daleks may have found a way to annihilate all plans to defeat them before they are even begun…


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1.1 Light the Flame Matt Fitton Louise Jameson Ohila, Rasmus, Sixth Tamasan 22 June 2021 BFPDWWARB01
1.2 Lion Hearts Lou Morgan Tamasan, Biroc
1.3 The Shadow Squad Andrew Smith Tamasan, Daleks



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