Forever Fallen was a special free release in the Short Trips audio range from Big Finish Productions. It was the winning entry in The Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity.

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Until now, an offered chance from the Doctor has never stopped the villain's schemes.

Until now, the android armies, the powerful space stations, the mind-control rays, have gone unchecked to disastrous effect.

Until now...

...But then what happens?

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Sean Calvin intends to remove free will on a planet. The Doctor convinces him not to, and every year for nine years, Sean meets the Doctor and Ace to chat. Over these nine years, Sean marries and has a daughter, Odessa, and becomes a war hero. In the end, the authorities discover what Sean had intended to do nine years before, and he is tried for his crimes. Ace asks the Doctor whether there was anything different from if Sean had gone through with it, and the Doctor replies that Odessa has hope in this timeline.

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  • This story is available for download only.
  • This story was recorded at Ladbroke Audio, Sanderstead on 27 October 2016.
  • According to the studio script, this story takes place after TV: Survival.

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