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Mark Forester was a British businessman who owned a chemical company which depended on government approval of DN6.


Early life[]

Mark Forester owned a company based in London and gained a reputation as a hard-driving businessman, establishing a vast empire (PROSE: Planet of Giants) and crediting his success in business to his refusal to accept the word "can't", believing that there was always a way. Over the years, he spent a lot of time dealing with Whitehall and knew of Whitmore. (TV: Planet of Giants) He "bought and sold" scientists, including Professor Smithers whom he based in a cottage which he bought and filled with scientific equipment. (PROSE: Planet of Giants)

Farrow's murder[]

Forester's business was in a "shaky" financial situation (PROSE: Planet of Giants) when, following a welcome reception by the Ministry, he prepared factories and advertising for the production of DN6 before getting Whitehall's final approval. When Arnold Farrow refused to grant said approval due to the disastrous effects that the pesticide would have on the Earth's environment, killing insects without discrimination, Forester, who would be ruined if DN6 did not go into production soon, (TV: Planet of Giants) shot him in the heart (PROSE: Planet of Giants) after a failed attempt to bribe him.

Forester claimed that Farrow had pulled out a gun and died in a struggle, but Smithers knew that he was lying and advised him not to tell that story to the police. He instead decided to hide the body and wreck his boat as a cover-up, making it look as though he died at sea, and doctored his report to approve DN6's production. He called Whitmore, pretending to be Farrow, to get the necessary authorisations and decided to kill Smithers when he learnt how dangerous DN6 really was.

An explosion caused by a miniaturised First Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright left Forester unconscious, after which PC Bert Rowse entered the property and Smithers began to tell him about the murder. (TV: Planet of Giants) The DN6 was confiscated by Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. (PROSE: The Grandfather Infestation)


Although Forester could come across as polite, he was a formidable man who earnt himself a reputation as an uncompromising businessman. He was willing to do anything to achieve his goals, which he believed was responsible for his success, (PROSE: Planet of Giants) and held his own financial situation to be more important than the disastrous effects that DN6 would have on the environment, even being willing to murder two people. (TV: Planet of Giants)


Forester had dark hair and a heavy jaw and was thick-set and beetle-browed. He gave off of a feeling of power despite not being an especially big man. (PROSE: Planet of Giants)

Behind the scenes[]