For the Man Who Has Everything was the third short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas. It was written by Dan Abnett. It featured the Eighth Doctor.


Anne Caisson is working late on Christmas Eve; everyone else has gone home. Her boss, Sir Clive Reeves, has already left. As she sorts through the Christmas gifts and cards, she worries about the gift he gave her — instead of the usual hamper filled with food, he has given her an ornament. She is worried that he wants a change in their relationship.

She receives a visit from the Doctor, who used his UNIT credentials to get into the building. He is looking for the ornament, which is really an alien artefact. He explains to the relieved Anne that Sir Clive did not give her the ornament, but the Doctor needs it back. Since Anne had placed the ornament in Sir Clive's briefcase, they must go to his house to retrieve it.

During the drive, the Doctor explains that the ornament can grant wishes and is a dangerous object for humanity. Even someone as moral as Sir Clive would soon be corrupted by it.

At Sir Clive's house, the Doctor distracts Sir Clive while Anne retrieves the ornament on the pretense of needing some documents out of his briefcase. The Doctor and Anne then go to her place and spend Christmas together. As he leaves, he tells her that he had intended to invite her to join him, but he realised that she is where she belongs.




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