Foon Van Hoff was a humanoid from Sto. She was married to Morvin Van Hoff. They worked in the milk market where they met. Her favourite TV show was By the Light of the Asteroid.

Foon participated in a competition to board the Titanic. She entered many times and ended up spending more on calls than she would have for the trip itself. She and her husband were bullied by first class passengers for winning the tickets instead of purchasing them firsthand. Foon and Morvin boarded the Titanic and befriended the Tenth Doctor. They took a trip down to Earth along with Bannakaffalatta, the Doctor, Astrid Peth and Mr Copper. They survived when the ship was hit by asteroids. When Morvin died, she was devastated, and couldn't go on. She committed suicide by tying one of the Host up and jumping into the nuclear storm drive with it. (TV: Voyage of the Damned)

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