Fogbound was a Third Doctor comic story published in the Doctor Who Holiday Special 1973.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The beach at Tadcaster in southern England is suddenly engulfed in an unnaturally dense fog. Soon after, at the Doctor's cottage, the Third Doctor receives a postcard from the Master indicating he is responsible. The Doctor and his friend Joe, a resident of Tadcaster who is blind, journey into the fog. They discover the Master is using Sarkan mist-flowers to generate the fog. If they bloom, their seeds will spread and the Earth will be covered in the dense fog.

Attempting to catch up with the Master, Joe and the Doctor commandeer the pier train. They jump off the train as it reaches the end of the tracks and crashes into the Master and the mist-flowers, sending all of them into the ocean, where the flowers are destroyed and the Master disappears.

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