Yana's fob watch

The Master's fob watch. (TV: Utopia)

A fob watch was a watch carried in the pocket, as opposed to being worn on the wrist.

The First, Seventh, Eighth and Eleventh Doctors all regularly wore and used fob watches. The Sixth Doctor and the War Doctor presumably used fob watches as well, since they regularly wore watch chains.

The Eleventh Doctor began to regularly wear a watch chain after going into retirement and continued wearing it after his return.

The fob watch carried by the Seventh Doctor was the one used by the First Doctor. (PROSE: All-Consuming Fire) Once, the Fourth Doctor used it for hypnotic suggestion. (TV: The Ribos Operation)


The Doctor's fob watch (TV: The Family of Blood)

A crucial part of the Chameleon Arch looked like a fob watch. (TV: Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Utopia)

"Chameleon Arch fob watches" once held the Time Lord essences of both the Tenth Doctor and the Master. Such watches were recognisable, as Martha Jones learned, by distinctive Gallifreyan messages on the obverse, and an engraving of a solar system (presumably Gallifrey) on the back.

On meeting Jackson Lake and seeing his fob watch, the Tenth Doctor thought that Jackson might be an incarnation of himself. When the Doctor turned the watch over, however, it didn't bear any Gallifreyan script and was revealed as an ordinary fob watch. (TV: The Next Doctor)

The Eleventh Doctor used a fob watch to lure Lepus Warriors through a warp gate. (COMIC: The Hat Trick).

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