The Foamasi were a race of stocky, reptilian humanoids native to the planet Foamas.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Foamasi were stocky humanoids with shiny green skin, three claws on each hand and eyes that could move independently. Foamasi spoke in a clicking language and were physically incapable of speaking human languages. (TV: The Leisure Hive) This language directly stimulated the visual cortex of the brain, meaning Foamasi effectively saw their language. (PROSE: Sleepy) Foamasi also had the highest radiation resistance in the Galaxy and could survive in heavily irradiated areas. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

Foamasi had hollow bones with double joints every few centimetres, a high liquid content, small organs and a retractable tail. These traits allowed the Foamasi to compress themselves into very small spaces, such as humanoid skin suits. The Foamasi had green blood. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

Culture[edit | edit source]

In the 23rd century the Foamasi were controlled by the government and there were no private organisations. This government didn't take kindly to any criminal activities by Foamasi and sent special agents to stop them. (TV: The Leisure Hive) Later, during the 30th century, the Foamasi society became corrupted, and the various criminal Lodges started to gain power. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

Some of the criminal organisations that had sprung up were the West Lodge, the Dark Peaks Lodge, the Twin Suns Lodge and the South Lodge. They relied on gambling, drug-dealing and prostitution for income. They could be told apart by their methods and their voices, since each Lodge generally used different sources for their communicators. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

Foamasi were known to produce brandy. (PROSE: Prime Time)

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Foamasi had a variety of technological devices. The agents of the various Lodges made use of skin suits, which they used to impersonate Earth officials. They also had communicators that could translate their native speech, which they kept in their mouths. (TV: The Leisure Hive, PROSE: Placebo Effect)

The Foamasi agents also used cocoon grenades to wrap up criminals. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

History[edit | edit source]

In 2250, the Foamasi were involved in a 20 minute war with the Argolin, during which they attacked Argolis with 20,000 missiles, leading to the planet becoming sterile and highly radioactive. They later attempted to buy the planet, since they could survive the conditions on the surface. The private West Lodge attempted the same thing illegally. A group of Foamasi arrived on Argolis and arrested members of the West Lodge trying to make the deal. During this period the Foamasi and the Argolins dispelled their grudges and became friendly towards each other. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

In the 26th century, Foamasi lived in Mega City, Megerra. (PROSE: Shakedown, PROSE: Mean Streets)

In the 30th century, the Foamasi were united in a war with an opposing force. This would be one of the last organised acts of the Foamasi, and soon afterwards the Foamasi would become less focused in their goals. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

In the late 30th century, the Foamasi were members of the Earth Empire. (PROSE: Original Sin)

In the 38th century, the Dark Peaks Lodge was formed in an attempt to create a better organised force in the galaxy.

In 3999, the Dark Peaks Lodge started to try to take over other Foamasi's activities. They started by taking over Carrington Corp. Using these new connections, they heard rumours of a drug being produced on Micawber's World. They decided to investigate, even though they weren't allowed on the planet. After reaching Micawber's World, they learnt of the disappearances underneath Micawber's World caused by the Wirrn. They manipulated the people there to investigate the matter for them. When the Twin Suns Lodge also sent Typtpwtyp to investigate, the Dark Peaks Lodge murdered him.

The murder of Typtpwtyp got the Eighth Doctor involved and soon he learned of the Dark Peak's involvement. When the Foamasi ambassador, Green Fingers, learned the truth about the Dark Peaks, he had the leader killed and all the other agents hunted down. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

The Foamasi still existed circa 2000000. Shortly before Ricosta was attacked by Sperovores, several Foamasi landed on the planet. The Mayor of Ricosta's secretary Valla informed them that they needed a visa before they could make planet-fall. (AUDIO: A Life of Crime)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • "Foamasi" is an anagram of the word "Mafiosa", a crime organisation whom the aliens were greatly based upon.
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