Flywheel Revolution was the first story of the fifth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series, and the first to be released individually instead of in a box set. It was read by Peter Purves.

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On a planet in the far future, Frankie and his fellow robots have been consigned to the Scrapheap, doomed to explore no further than the limits of the artificial Wall. Life goes on, day after day — until a monster appears in their midst. It lives alone in a small hut on the edge of Scrapyard, and scours at night for the remains of dead robots. Frankie sets out to confront the monster in its lair. Its name? The Doctor!

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  • This story was recorded on 2 September 2014.
  • It was available for download only.
  • The Doctor is travelling with Susan, Ian, and Barbara during this time, but is currently separated from them.

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