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Flying saucer

Flying saucers, also known as space saucers, (PROSE: Birth of a Legend) were a form of disc-shaped spacecraft used by many species throughout the universe for many millennia and was as common as rocket technology. On pre-first contact Earth, it was often used as a general term for alien spacecraft, much the same way the term Martian was used for any kind of alien. In this usage, it was more or less interchangable with the term UFO.

By the year 2400, flying saucers were considered a myth of the 20th century. (COMIC: Invasion of the Daleks)

Dalek flying saucers[]

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The Daleks made extensive use of flying saucers of several types throughout their history. During the 22nd century Dalek invasion of Earth, they used of saucers for planetary transport. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth) During the Last Great Time War, the Daleks' fleet consisted of about ten million flying saucers, including the Dalek Emperor's flagship. (TV: Dalek, The Parting of the Ways)

Astran flying saucers[]

The Astran space fleet which engaged the human Tenth Space Fleet in battle in 2065 was made up of flying saucers with a silver underside as well green rims and domes. (COMIC: Space Border Battle)

Dominator flying saucers[]

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The Dominators also made use of flying saucers, which were powered by negative mass flux absorption. These ships could absorb radiation and convert it into propulsion. They were crewed by Dominators and Quarks, and they had facilities to test other races intelligence. (TV: The Dominators)

Cyberman flying saucers[]

The Cybermen used a saucer-shaped landing craft when landing on the Moon in 2070. These ships contained the technology to take control of others while containing Neurotrope X. (TV: The Moonbase)

Adiposian nursery ships[]

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The Adipose used nursery ships to carry young Adipose from the planet on which they were seeded to the Adipose homeworld. These ships were large enough to carry several million Adipose and were equipped with levitation beams to transport the Adipose safely surface into the craft. (TV: Partners in Crime)

Jathaa sungliders[]

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These saucer-like crafts, apparently capable of interstellar travel and possessing powerful weapon systems, were a major mode of transportation for the Jathaa when visiting Earth. (TV: Army of Ghosts, End of Days, The Christmas Invasion)

Nedenah flying saucers[]

The Nedenah were a species of explorers that frequently visited Earth using flying saucers. These were large, featureless, pale-coloured discs. They could move thirty times the speed of sound, stop in a second and were highly manoeuvrable. Though they were opaque and windowless, the Nedenah would navigate by the ship telepathically, beaming the view from outside. The hull could be shed if it was damaged, leaving an undamaged hull underneath. (PROSE: The Devil Goblins from Neptune)

One of their crafts crashed near Roswell in 1947 and was salvaged by the United States Army, who reversed engineered many technologies from it. (PROSE: The Devil Goblins from Neptune)

Krillitane craft[]

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During the 2007 Krillitane infiltration of Deffry Vale High School in London, saucer-like craft were spotted in the area. (TV: School Reunion)

Foo Fighters[]

In 1945, the Doctor witnessed a jellyfish-like saucer craft he said was the source of the Foo Fighter rumours amongst air force pilots of the time. (PROSE: Atom Bomb Blues)

King Hydroflax[]

In 5343, the Twelfth Doctor was tasked by River Song with operating on King Hydroflax aboard his flying saucer, which crashed on Mendorax Dellora. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

Behind the scenes[]

Flying saucers are the stereotypical alien spaceship in the real world. They were first reported in June 1947 (and had a history of similar forms recorded in tapestries and paintings) and have appeared in science fiction and alleged real world sightings since.