The Flydon Maxima Research Base was a research base located on the planet Flydon Maxima.

Features Edit

The Research Base was constructed of some of the most durable materials known, including a 360 degree observational gallery at the top level made of Finitoglass.

The Research Base was spherical in shape and grounded to the ever-changing seabed, which was approximately half a mile below the wasteland of the northern polar icecaps. It utilised Darksmith Collective technology to keep it in place. Backup systems were secured in the Green Area on Level 3. With lead lined, 3 metre thick walls, it housed a nuclear power system in a green containment vessel.

The Base was constructed under the guidance of Brother Varlos, who incorporated a lock-down series of deadlock seals, responsive to retina patterns that could be remotely accessed in the Machine Room (an area displaying further evidence of the Darksmith Collective's technology). (PROSE: The Depths of Despair)

History Edit

The Flydon Maxima Research Base was first established by the former Brother Varlos of the Darksmith Collective and overseen by Gisella, at a time when the planet was considered habitable (approximately 150 years ago). Climate change and rising sea levels had made it necessary for the planet to be evacuated some 50 years earlier.

Though sturdy, it was never designed to withstand a direct assault and its structural weakness was questioned when an assault, first by the Blaska then by the Dreadbringers led to the base being seriously questioned by its personnel; Captain Strova, Privates Lenk and Rodoff, Hank and Gisella. (PROSE: The Depths of Despair)

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