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Florida was a state of the United States of America, particularly important to NASA and the American space industry.

The Eighth Doctor visited Florida in 1989 to steal the Atlantis. Whilst there, he spent time in Titusville and the shuttle launch facilities at the Cape. (PROSE: Father Time)

According to one account of Dodo Chaplet's early life, she had been taken to the Florida Everglades as a child by her parents. The experience of seeing so many different species in one place made Dodo realise that the world was place of extreme diversity, and that she wanted to see more of it. (PROSE: Salvation) This account, however, was at extreme odds with another one, in which her parents would likely have been far too poor to have ever taken her to Florida in their short lifetimes. (PROSE: The Man in the Velvet Mask)

B. Stoker had hoped to move to Florida when he retired in two years. (TV: Smith and Jones)

The Eleventh Doctor ventured to Florida to find the girl who had been telephoning President Nixon. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

In 1969, Amy and Rory Williams travelled from New York City to Florida to view the events of their past. They later told Chrissie Allen that they had been vacationing in Florida where they had friends and family who were going through a hard time. (PROSE: Summer Falls and Other Stories)

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