Floor 500 was the top floor of Satellite Five.

History Edit

Satellite Five Edit

The environmental systems of Satellite Five had been configured to vent all heat away from Floor 500, keeping it cold enough for the Jagrafess to survive, attached to the ceiling of the main control room. The Jagrafess's human associate, the Editor, killed journalists and reanimated their corpses via their chip implants to work for him. Ultimately captured by the Editor and about to be killed by the Jagrafess, in 200,000, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler were saved by Cathica Santini Khadeni, a human journalist who reversed the environmental systems. The Jagrafess overheated, swelled up and exploded. (TV: The Long Game)

Game Station Edit

By the year 200,100, 100 years later, after Satellite Five became the Game Station, Floor 500 had been converted into the control room where several members of staff controlled each game show including the countdowns for the transmission of each show. As opposed to the staff being reanimated corpses, these members of staff were alive and using the computers like ordinary people. The corporate structure was different as well. The new manager of the Game Station was the Controller, a blind woman who had control over the systems of the station, including the transmissions. When the Controller transmatted the Ninth Doctor, Jack and Rose from the TARDIS into the station, she placed the TARDIS in Archive 6. (TV: Bad Wolf) During the Battle of the Game Station, the Ninth Doctor used this floor as his command post while he built the delta wave to wipe out the Daleks and thus used the five floors below as defence. When Rose assumed the Bad Wolf entity, she arrived in the TARDIS at Floor 500 and turned every Dalek to dust, including the Dalek Emperor. (TV: The Parting of the Ways)

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