The Flisk were a humanoid race who settled on Earth after their planet was destroyed.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Flisk were humanoid with mottled green-blue skin. They preferred damp conditions and were telepathic, able to read the minds of humans, though not as well as other Flisk minds. Flisk were also innately good at all forms of computer programming. Flisk and humans were capable of interbreeding, and the resulting hybrids were better at reading human minds than normal Flisk.

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Flisk had an armada, which seemed able to travel the interstellar distance between their destroyed home of Flissta and Earth. The Doctor once travelled with the armad, on board the medical frigate Talaha.

History[edit | edit source]

The Flisk originated on Flissta, which was destroyed by a stellar cataclysm around 2079, wiping out much of the race. Some survived and flew to Earth, asking to live among humans. The initial negotiations went well; however, when the Flisk revealed to the humans that they had telepathic abilities, panic swept the world. After this initial panic, the Flisk spent a long and difficult time integrating into Earth society. A number of Flisk settled in the Lake District of England, as it was similar to Flissta.

Many Flisk got jobs working in the computer industry, programming robots and similar devices. However, their telepathic skills often made them figures of distrust for many of their co-workers. The Doctor and Martha Jones encountered a number of Flisk working on the Snowglobe project in 2099, including half-human half-Flisk Ku'ra Debrekseny.(PROSE: Snowglobe 7)

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