Philippa "Flip" Ramon (née Jackson) was a cashier at Fresh Goods who joined the Sixth Doctor as his companion to escape what she saw as a mundane life. After being separated from him, she married Jared Ramon and rejoined the Doctor, who was now travelling with Constance Clarke.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Flip's great-grandfather served in the Royal Air Force during World War II. (AUDIO: Quicksilver)

She had a younger brother named Philip. (AUDIO: Scavenger)

When she was in Year Three, she was cast in her school talent show. Having never learned the poem she was assigned as she was given detention and extra homework for talking in class, she froze on stage before running away, and from then on had a phobia of performing on-stage. (AUDIO: Stage Fright)

Flip's school did not allow her to take her history, French or geography GCSE exams. (AUDIO: The Curse of Davros, Quicksilver)

Flip and her mother went to the spa once a year. She went clubbing with her friends in Walthamstow using fake IDs. (AUDIO: The Middle) She did a first aid course with St John's Ambulance. (AUDIO: Static)

Flip first met Jared Ramon at a community centre disco. (AUDIO: The Middle) The two were riding on a London tube train in 2010 when it slipped through a temporal fissure to the sentient planet Symbios, where she met the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe. (AUDIO: The Crimes of Thomas Brewster)

First travels with the Doctor Edit

In 2012, her mother had a boyfriend named Nigel, whom Flip considered "creepy." She rescued the Doctor when he was forced to swap bodies with Davros to thwart a Dalek attempt to alter the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815. Despite the fact that the Doctor was in Davros' body, Flip nevertheless recognised the Doctor's good nature from her past meeting with him; even before she learned that the "Doctor" was Davros, she assured him that he wasn't to blame for the deaths the Daleks caused while searching for him. Once she learned the truth about the switch, she helped the Doctor escape Dalek captivity and regain his original body, even tricking the Daleks into thinking that the Doctor was still trapped in Davros despite this forcing her to spend some time locked in a room with Davros. With her flat destroyed and her co-workers back home having been killed by the Daleks, Flip turned down the offer to return to the present with Jared in a Dalek time capsule in favour of spending more time travelling with the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Curse of Davros)

Whilst watching some cricket on the Time-Space Visualiser, the Doctor and Flip encountered some disturbance. She was then transported to an alternative dimension. She appeared inside the visualiser. She heard Jancey screaming and distracted the Warmongers. She got annoyed when Jancey attracted them again. The Doctor worked out that she was trapped in a TV show. She started to point out flaws in the programme, such as Krarn knowing Jancey's name without being told. She then told Krarn to shoot her as she didn't think it wasn't real. Her apparent death meant that the security protocols went down and the fictional world interacted with the real world. The Doctor manipulated the world to bring Flip back and she activated the fictional destroying bomb to save the universe. (AUDIO: The Fourth Wall)

The Doctor and Flip transmatted to Earth in 16127 to see how the planet was getting on. Arriving in Scotland, they befriended a family, only for the Transmat system to become inactive. She helped Veronica Buchman and Toasty Buchman to tidy up their new home. She became disgusted when she learnt what Forage Porridge. She later decided to pilot the microlite to find a transmat substation. Whilst in the air she saw Wirrn legs in the Loch. She crashed on the lake. She started to hear Iron Buchman who started to scare her. She transmatted to Nerva City where her injuries from the crash was tended to by Sheer Jawn. She wanted Sheer to help get the Doctor back but Dare stopped him from doing it. She help Deer to defend Nerva City when the Wirrn attacked. She eventually managed to get back to the Doctor by transmatting back to Loch Lomand. (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle)

During their travels, the Doctor and Flip visited Jago and Litefoot in Victorian London. She thought that London smelt funny. Jago took her on a tour of the New Regency Theatre. After the Valeyard showed her one of his performances, Flip helped in the Doctor's investigation. She later followed him to his TARDIS but this was part of his plans. The Valeyard got her to play Zoe Heriot, before he attempted to rejuvenate himself with the Doctor's darkest thoughts. Flip successfully saved the Doctor and in turn overcame her stage fright by performing nursery rhymes onstage. (AUDIO: Stage Fright)

Flip reminded the Doctor of himself when he was in his early 500s. (AUDIO: Vortex Ice)

While resting on Tranquility, the Doctor and Flip received a distress signal from another TARDIS, which the Doctor traced to Earth in the 24th century. She was glad to be doing something. After drinking some water, she started to act strangely. The Doctor worked out she had been drugged. She discovered with the Doctor that they were brought their by Sil. Cordelia Crozier wanted to use her as an experimental subject. The Doctor and Flip managed to escape but were shortly captured after Pan Connell turned them in. She was then placed in a viral chamber to be tested on, here she heard Velena's voice. She was infected by Velandari and started to fall ill. She was used as a bargaining chip to get the vaccines Sil wanted. Cerise Davies was tasked with looking after her. She was cured using a vaccine created from the Doctor's immune system. (AUDIO: Antidote to Oblivion)

Landing near Erys she thought the people who attacked the TARDIS looked like children. She allowed them to come aboard. She later had to collect the Drachee who boarded the TARDIS when went exploring through the inner door. She was later kidnapped by Terrill. Once on Erys she discovered that it was living and the Drachee it's children. She managed to get away from the Drachee with Lona's help. The skimmer she took to escape the surface ran out of power and she started to float through space. She was then rescued by Elgin Vanser, and travelled using the TARDIS back to Erys to help the Doctor. She help the Doctor in his plans against Erys. (AUDIO: The Brood of Erys)

Landing on the Nelson Mandela International Space Station, she watched the start of Clean Up Space 71. She became separated from the Doctor in orbit around Earth in 2071, and almost became host to a piece of alien space debris named "Scavenger". After teleporting from its grasp with seconds before her absorption, she became trapped floating in space once again. Realising she was running out of Oxygen, she recorded a message for the Doctor and used her spacesuit thrusters to propel herself to Earth, to either await rescue, or die in the attempt. (AUDIO: Scavenger)

Later, when the Doctor met an older version of Peri Brown on the planet Krontep, she asked about Flip. He told of her fall to Earth, but revealed that he'd used the TARDIS to bend space and time, slowing her descent to a few hundred metres, thus saving her. He then further revealed that he'd received an invitation for her and Jared's wedding, implying that he had returned her to her native time of 2012. After Peri declined his offer to attend the wedding with him, he vowed to return for her, one day. (AUDIO: The Widow's Assassin)

Travels with the Doctor and Constance Edit

The Sixth Doctor never did return for her wedding, but during the reception she was time scooped by an alien race to use as a hostage against the Doctor, sending her to Vienna in 1948, where she met another of the Doctor's companions, Constance Clarke. After the three had defeated the alien invasion, Flip and Constance, although both planning to return to their old lives, decided to continue travelling with the Doctor, at least until the peace treaty he was currently drawing up was finished. (AUDIO: Quicksilver)

Flip, the Doctor and Constance visited Bath in 1756. Titus Craven attempted to seduce her with a life as mistress of a plantation, which was more than Jared could offer her, but she stayed true to her beliefs. She kicked him in his genitalia when he proposed. (AUDIO: The Behemoth)

Flip attempted to celebrate Constance's thirty-fifth birthday, but Constance was resistant. On Formicia, Flip was separated from her companions due to their differing ages. (AUDIO: The Middle)

Both Flip and Constance wanted to return home, but they instead landed in Abbey Marston where they combated the Static. (AUDIO: Static)

Fate Edit

The Valeyard once mockingly offered to tell the Doctor, during his travels with Flip, what would eventually become of her. (AUDIO: Stage Fright)

Personality Edit

Flip was brave, impulsive (AUDIO: Static) and well-motivated. (AUDIO: The Middle) She was not especially knowledgeable but did have street smarts (AUDIO: The Behemoth) and was good at relating to people. (AUDIO: Static) She was bored of her routine of clubbing and getting the night bus home, prompting her to join the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Curse of Davros) Tranquillity was not her thing and she needed excitement to occupy her time. (AUDIO: Antidote to Oblivion)

She teased the Doctor for his overactive vocabulary (AUDIO: The Fourth Wall) and was appalled when he tried to send her into the kitchen, believing he was being sexist. He was unsure of whether he was the bravest girl that he had met or the most foolhardy. (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle) He considered her recklessness to be her most likeable quality. (AUDIO: Vortex Ice)

Flip considered football to be a bunch of "idiot millionaires playing kick-around" and was instead a fan of cricket, which was unusual for one of her social class. (AUDIO: The Fourth Wall) She was scared of spiders. (AUDIO: The Brood of Erys)

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