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Flickering Flame was the third short story in Down the Middle.


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  • In Chris's time as an Adjudicator, he mostly ate foodimals, algae and fungus that lived beneath the Overcities.
  • Chris meets Iris in the Salt Lamb.
  • The Hoothi is a fungus that Iris' people had to deal with once.
  • Dickens wrote about spontaneous human combustion in one of his novels.
  • Iris has a yo-yo, a bag of mints, a 28th century plasma pistol and an Orthogonal Dimensional Retensioner in her bag.
  • There is a jacuzzi and a mini-bar with Venusian Tequillas in the upper level of the Celestial Omnibus.
  • Chris uses Google Maps.
  • Neuralgia means having pain in one's nerves.
  • Frederick's body is found in a Lexus.
  • Iris is friends with a local Community Policewoman.
  • Frederick left behing a wife and three children.
  • Frederick worked at the Plymouth Oceanographic Research Institute
  • Elaine Padgett is the Human Resources Manager at the Institute.
  • The Institute conduct DNA-lever research on marine animals.
  • It is believed that sharks never died of old age.
  • One of the animals in the Institute is a frilled shark. They are usually found a kilometer and a half beneath the surface.
  • Dr Garness' speciality was communities viling in the abyssopelagic zone of the ocean.
  • Padgett uses atmospheres as a unit of measurement.
  • Chris and Iris rent a small SUV.
  • Hyperbole is greek for exaggeration.
  • The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and the Nobel Prize winner Wolfgang Pauli called synchronicity the force in the universe what looked like coincidence.

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