Patrician Flavius Aetius was a Roman Commander-in-Chief and was considered the power behind the young Emperor Valentinian. He was also the head of the Legion of Smoke, a Roman legion whose purpose was to secretly collect items of supernatural and extraterrestrial origin.

He was Rome's Magister Militum, or Master of Soldiers.

In 451 AD, Flavius Aetius led Roman forces against the army of Attila the Hun in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in Gaul between Orléans and Chalons.

Having realised that the Tenctrama tricked both sides into fighting to provide them with the maximum number of death and following the advice of the Thirteenth Doctor, he agreed to a truce with Attila and ordered his men to run from the fighting to stay alive.

According to the Doctor, he was remembered in history as "the last true Roman". (PROSE: Combat Magicks)

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