Doctor Who DVD Files was a fortnightly partwork publication from GE Fabbri Ltd - The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia. One of its regular features was Flashback, a series looking at past Doctor Who stories.

Following his work on the Tenth Doctor comic strip for the Doctor Who: Battles in Time title, Lee Sullivan is a regular monthly contributor to the 'Flashback' series, providing black and white line art which is turned into a digital painting by illustrator Tom Connell.

Other artists contributing to the Files include Nick Foreman, Carl Lyons and Paul Williams.

These illustrations are shown below, with the illustrator being credited where known. Later issues of the Doctor Who DVD Files replaced the illustrated page with single photographic images and montages for "New Series" stories.

Magazine pages Edit

DR 1-1 : First Contact!

Relive the Doctor's very first encounter with the Daleks!

DR 1-2 : Thames Barrier

See Daleks emerge from the depths of London's river!

DR 1-3 : Spearhead!

The Doctor becomes caught up in a war between giant insects!

DR 1-4 : Ice-Cold Invaders

The Cybermen make their first appearance...

DR 2-1 : The Doctor Reborn!

See what happened the first time the Doctor regenerated ...

DR 2-2 : Dalek Deceit!

The Doctor narrowly escapes from a Dalek trap!

DR 2-3 : The Army Awakes!

A classic moment - the Second Doctor faces a Cyberman army!

DR 2-4 : Big Freeze!

Victoria must escape the icy grip of a Martian warrior...

DR 2-5 : Double Trouble

Find out how the Doctor got rid of his evil doppelgänger...

DR 2-6 : Mind the Gap

The Second Doctor dodges Yeti in the London underground!

DR 2-7 : Written in Stone

Can the Second Doctor and Zoe resist Medusa?

DR 3-1 : Shop Horror!

See how the Autons first smashed their way onto our TV screens!

DR 3-2 : Cave Monsters!

See the Third Doctor come face to face with a dinosaur!

DR 3-3 : Devil Doll!

Mike Yates saves Jo Grant from a plastic menace!

DR 3-4 : Dead in the Water

The Sea Devils swim into action and attack a Navy submarine!

DR 3-5 : Pest Control!

See the Third Doctor face some giant mutant maggots.

DR 3-6 : Exterminated!

A Dalek becomes a bonfire for the natives of the planet Exxilon!

DR 3-7: Maximum Power

The Third Doctor makes his last stand...against a giant spider!

DR 4-1 : Sky-High Terror!

Watch as the giant K1 Robot has Sarah Jane Smith in his grip!

DR 4-2 : Battle for the Future

Watch in horror as the Wirrn break into a space-station.

DR 4-3 : Embryo Of Evil!

Watch as the Fourth Doctor is attacked by a Dalek Embryo.

DR 4-4 : Hospital Horror

Discover why Sarah Jane Smith is about to get the shock of her life!

DR 4-5 : A Gift of Death

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith witness a terrifying murder!

DR 4-6 : Over the Edge!

Watch the Morbius monster take a fatal tumble...

DR 4-7 : Alien Growth

See the huge Krynoid battle with UNIT.

DR 4-8: Time Lord Traitor!

Can the Doctor really be an assassin?

DR 4-9: It's a Rat Trap!

Leela races through the sewers to escape a mutant rodent!

DR 5-1 : Space-Time Trap!

Step into the bizarre world of the Fifth Doctor's first story.

DR 5-2 : Mara in the Mirror

A classic moment - the Fifth Doctor faces the ultimate evil.

DR 5-3 : Man Overboard!

Turlough floats out into deep space!

DR 5-4 : Silver Showdown!

Watch the quicksilver menace take out the Cybermen.

DR 6-1 : Cold War!

See the explosive results of a Cyber-encounter...

DR 6-2 : Power Point!

Davros turns the table on the assassin hired to kill him!

DR 6-3: Twisted Reality

The Sixth Doctor faces a danger from a future version of himself!

DR 7-1 : Te-Trap!

Meet the Rani's vicious bat-like servants.

DR 7-2 : Big Top Terror

The Seventh Doctor and Ace face sinister clowns.

DR 7-3: Eater of Worlds!

See Ace cower before the Lord of Darkness and Eater of Worlds!

DR 7-4: To the Death!

The Master and the Seventh Doctor fight for survival.

DR 8-1: Dalek Execution!

Watch the Master's dramatic demise on Skaro...

DR 8-2: A Wasted Life!

Relive the final battle between the Eighth Doctor and the Master.

DR 9-1: Reap and Weep

Rose meets her father on the day he died...

DR 9-2: Workship Him!

The Ninth Doctor meets the Dalek Emperor.

DR 10-1: Beware the Moon!

The Tenth Doctor encounters a werewolf in the Highlands...

DR 10-2: Cyber Raid!

The Cybermen attack the home of Pete Tyler...

DR 10-3: He is Awake!

On the planet Krop Tor, something nasty lurks in the pit...

DR 10-4: Goodbye Rose!

The Tenth Doctor bids a heartbreaking farewell...

DR 10-5: Macra Trap!

Something sinister lurks in the fog of the Motorway...

DR 10-6: We Will Survive!

The Daleks must face their worst fear: a non-Dalek Dalek!

DR 10-7: A Nasty Turn!

The Tenth Doctor faces the Lazarus Creature.

DR 10-8: Touch of an Angel...

Sally Sparrow investigates a supposedly haunted house.

DR 10-9: Birth of a Monster

Find out how the Master went insane...

DR 10-10: Time Crash!

Find out what happened when the Tenth Doctor met the Fifth!

DR 10-11: Flights of Angels

The Tenth Doctor and Astrid Peth face deadly flying angels!

DR 10.12: The Fat Walks Way!

In London, the Adipose invasion has begun...

DR 10-13: Volcano Day!

Donna is kidnapped in the doomed town of Pompeii

DR 10-14: Wasp Attack!

Who was the body in the library?

DR 10-15: Killer Shadows

Something nasty is lurking in the library...

DR 10-16: Rose Returns!

The Doctor's old friend saves Wilf and Sylvia from the Daleks.

DR 10-17 Arise!

The CyberKing goes walking in Victorian London.

DR 10-18: Stranded!

The Tenth Doctor and Christina are stuck on San Helios

DR 10-19: Water Always Wins!

The Doctor discovers life on Mars...

DR 11-1: Zero Tolerance

A new enemy for the Doctor...

DR 11-2 Secret Smile

Something is lurking in the shadows of Starship UK...

DR 11-3 War Machine!

Churchill unveils his ultimate weapon...

DR 11-4 Don't Blink!

The Weeping Angels are closing in on Amy Pond...

DR 11-5 Veiled Vampires!

Vampires are on the prowl on the streets of Venice.

DR 11-6 Waking Nightmare!

The Doctor faces an evil version of himself!

DR 11-7 Masters of Earth?

The Silurians declare war on the 'apes' of the surface!

DR 11-8 Geronimo!

Can the Doctor save the universe by restarting it?

DR 11-9 Song of the Shark!

Abigail Pettigrew sings a Christmas carol...

DR 11-10 Silent Night

What lurks in the dormitories of Graystark Hall Orphanage?

DR 11-11 Danger Siren!

Amy Pond faces a demon from the deep...

DR 11-12 Doctor Two

Will the 'Ganger Doctor' be friend or foe?

DR 11-13 Saving Amy!

What happens when the Doctor gets angry?

DR 11-14 Hitting Hitler!

The TARDIS crashes into one of the most evil men in history...

Dr 11-15 Living Doll!

What horrors lurk inside George's cupboard?

DR 11-16 Warrior Pond!

Meet the girl who waited 36 years to be rescued.

DR 11-17 Nightmare!

Welcome to the Minotaur's hotel of horror.

DR 11-18 Cyber Craig!

The Cybermen have captured Craig Owens...

DR 11-19 Silent Scream!

Welcome to Area 52 – lair of the Silents!

DR 11-20 Wonderland!

The Doctor takes a trip into the present...

DR 11-21 Vote Dalek!

The Eleventh Doctor visits the Parliament of the Daleks.

DR 11-22 Jurassic Ark!

The Eleventh Doctor encounters dinosaurs in space.

DR 11-23 High Noon!

The Eleventh Doctor goes West – to face a cyborg!

DR 11-24 Cubed!

The year of the 'slow invasion' has arrived...

DR 11-25 Angel of Death

The Doctor loses the Ponds in New York City.

DR 11-26 Doctor Sherlock!

The Time Lord dresses up as a very famous character.

DR 11.27 Digital Doom!

The Spoonheads attack Clara Oswald.

DR 11.28 Wake Up!

The Doctor tells a story to the Old God of Akhaten.

DR 11.29 Cold Warrior!

The Doctor meets Grand Marshal Skaldak.

DR 11-30: Hide and Seek!

The Doctor is stalked by the Crooked Man.

DR 11-31 Heart of the TARDIS

The Doctor and Clara journey to the centre of the TARDIS.

DR 11-32 The Red Death!

The Doctor becomes the pet of a Victorian girl.

DR 11-33 Check Mate

Meet the 699th Wonder of the Universe.

DR 11-34 The Doctors Tomb

The TARDIS finally arrives on Trenzalore.

DR 11-35 Rewriting History

Three Doctors unite to change the outcome of the Time War.

DR 11-36 Into the Unknown!

The Doctor is ambushed by the Daleks.

Flashback gallery Edit

Where To File Them Edit

In Issue 2 and Issue 3 subscribers receive a binder and seven coloured divider cards. The Flashback pages are filed behind the light blue divider.

Each page is filed in order of Doctor - DR1 is the First Doctor, DR2 is the Second Doctor, and so on.

So, DR1-1 will be the first card in the First Doctor section, followed by DR1-2. The cards featuring the other Doctors are filed in the same way.

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