The first Quill nest was a place of legend in Quill culture, tied to their concept of genesis and afterlife. Allegedly, it was truly the first Quill nest, into which the Quill Goddess emerged from the underworld, where she had been trapped, and burst out of the nest with fury and venom. However, as Miss Quill explained, a thousand years before Quill's time, many lost their faith in the Goddess and the story of the first nest when they realised that the only thing protecting the Quill was the Quill themselves.

Using a metaphysical engine, Dorothea Ames, Quill and Ballon visited the first Quill nest on a mission to remove the arn from Quill's brain. They needed to obtain a Quill brain in order to successfully carry out the procedure. (TV: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did)

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