A fire alarm was an alarm system wired throughout a building which would alert people inside that there was a fire in the building. Fire alarms typically had two methods of activation — manual switches placed throughout the building which people could pull in case of a fire, and sensors which would detect heat or smoke and set off the alarm automatically.

While running from the Master, the Eighth Doctor set off the fire alarm at the Institute for Technological Advancement and Research, to "liven things up". (TV: Doctor Who)

When the Ninth Doctor was attacked in a restaurant by an Auton duplicate of Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler pulled a fire alarm in order to clear any innocent bystanders out. (TV: Rose)

A student named Kenny set off the fire alarm at Deffry Vale High School to incapacitate the Krillitanes, who had sensitive hearing due to their bat-like forms. Unfortunately, this did not work for long as one of them merely punched through a wall and ripped out the power cables, disabling the alarm system. (TV: School Reunion)

When an emergency alarm was set off at Ood Operations, Solana Mercurio was quick to tell her gathered investors that the alarm merely signified a fire drill. (TV: Planet of the Ood)

Jack Harkness burned paper to set off a fire alarm at PhiCorp headquarters in order to provide a distraction so that he and Gwen Cooper could steal one of the company's servers. (TV: Escape to LA)

Ruth's Biodata module was disgusted as a Fire alarm. (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon)

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