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Fire Escape was a Red Kang who lived in Paradise Towers.

As did all Kangs, Fire Escape joined in competitive games against the other Kang factions. They based themselves in a brainquarters where they lived and operated from.

When the Seventh Doctor arrived in Paradise Towers, Fire Escape and Bin Liner greeted him with the typical Kang customs. However, they were hostile towards Melanie Bush as they were uncertain of her allegiance. They took both of them captive and tried to take them back to the brainquarters, but were forced to flee after the caretakers launched a raid on the Fountain of Happiness Square.

Fire Escape and the Red Kangs returned to their brainquarters and were later joined by the Doctor, who fell through a hole into the room and was knocked unconscious. The Doctor questioned Fire Escape about the cleaners but she refused to comment. He found a vending machine and got a can of Fizzade from it. Initially frightened by this development, Bin Liner drank from it and passed it to Fire Escape, who also drank and proclaimed it "ice hot." They immediately sat down to watch an information video about Kroagnon.

The caretakers tracked the Doctor to the brainquarters. He let himself be captured to give the Red Kangs time to escape. Fire Escape and some other Red Kangs broke into the Chief Caretaker's office and tied up the Deputy Chief Caretaker and his fellow guards, allowing the Doctor to escape.

Back at the brainquarters, they were formulating a plan to defeat Kroagnon when the Blue Kangs broke in. The Doctor convinced them to work together and he headed to the basement with Fire Escape, Bin Liner and Drinking Fountain. There, they witnessed Kroagnon's use of corpoelectroscopy to take over the body of the Chief Caretaker. The Doctor was attacked by a cleaner but the Kangs pulled him free and they all fled to Floor 304.

They allied themselves with the Rezzies, Caretakers and Pex. Heading back down, Fire Escape and the other Kangs began setting traps for Kroagnon, but he arrived too early and Pex sacrificed his life to kill him. In honour of Pex' bravery, all the Kangs held a ceremony for him. Fire Escape and a Blue Kang presented the Doctor with a red and blue scarf as a parting gift, making him an honorary Kang. (TV: Paradise Towers)