Fiona Lethbridge-Stewart (née Campbell) was the first wife of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, mother of Kate and grandmother of Gordon.

She was the cousin of Frank Campbell, an old colleague of the Brigadier, and daughter of Charlie Campbell. Frank often told the Brigadier about Fiona, and they almost met several times prior to 1969. Fiona started to think that Frank had made the Brigadier up. (PROSE: All the Kings Men)

They met at a party after Alistair and Sally Wright broke up, (PROSE: Domination Game) and married shortly after. (PROSE: Fear of the Web)

Shortly after the events of Project Inferno, the couple's marriage showed signs of strain; Kate was five years old at the time. Fiona, tired of the half-truths and constant absence of Alistair, decided it was time to end things and they divorced. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice, The Face of the Enemy)

She reverted to her maiden name. Over the years, she would tell Kate stories of her father, usually painting him in a bad light, and heavily implied that it was the Brigadier who was responsible for the divorce, even though it was Fiona's idea. (PROSE: Of the Future)

In is unclear whether she remarried, but Fiona had another child with another man some years after her marriage with the Brigadier ended. Fiona and her partner named their daughter Ingrid. (PROSE: Child of the New World)

Eventually, despite their separation, the two of became friends again. She attended Joan Pemberton's funeral alongside Alistair, being old friends with the Pemberton's too. She was at the nursing home, when the Laughing Gnome sent Alistair back in time. Once Dame Anne Bishop and Brigadier Bill Bishop arrived to visit Alistair, Fiona went to speak to the nursing home staff. (PROSE: Scary Monsters) She returned to the room to discover that, this time, all three of them had fallen unconscious. (PROSE: Fear of the Web, The Danger Men)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Fiona" originated with Nicholas Courtney, who suggested this as the name of the Brigadier's wife, who would have been a non-speaking appearance in The Dæmons, though she did not appear in the televised story.
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