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Fiona Cumming (9 October 1937-1 January 2015[1]) was one of the directors of Doctor Who. She was involved in several aspects of production extending over three decades of the show. She was an occasional assistant floor manager and production assistant during the 1960s and early 1970s, before becoming a director during Peter Davison's three seasons in the 1980s.

John Nathan-Turner wanted her to direct the Sixth Doctor television story The Ultimate Evil, but the episode was later abandoned due to the 18-month hiatus. (INFO: The Mysterious Planet)

She made an uncredited cameo appearance as a tourist at Windsor Castle in Silver Nemesis. (DWM 244)

She shared her memories on her Doctor Who career on the 23rd edition of Big Finish's charity podcast series Toby Hadoke's Who's Round, as well as the documentaries Directing Castrovalva, Snake Charmer, Winner Takes All, Casting Off!, The Flames of Sarn and Return to the Planet of Fire. She also featured on the documentary Breaking Point, where she shared her memories of fellow Doctor Who director Mary Ridge.

She was married to floor manager Ian Fraser. (DWMSE 48)

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