Finch was a human colonist on the planet Moldox and a member of the resistance when the Daleks invaded during the Last Great Time War. When he and his friend Cinder planned an ambush, Finch was to distract the Dalek patrols while Cinder dispatched them. However, one of the Skaro Degradations armed with one of the Eternity Circle's Temporal Cannons proved resistant to fire from Cinder's salvaged Dalek gunstick and the patrol returned fire. Finch tried to search for Cinder afterwards but in doing do he exposed himself and he was hit by the Temporal Cannon and erased from history.

His erasure left a gap in Cinder's memories that was filled when Karlax and the Castellan used the Time Lord mind probe on her on Gallifrey. The mind probe managed to find the memory of Finch being hit by the cannon, allowing Cinder to remember him. (PROSE: Engines of War)

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