File 091072 was a personal fact-file for the attention of the Governors, pertaining to Charlie Smith. It was kept by Dorothea Ames in her office.

It said that Charlie lived at 1 Wellington Road, London, N1 0HR and was an A-level student at Coal Hill Academy. It revealed the Governors knew he was a Rhodian, masked as a white male 17-year-old human and the heir to the throne of the planet Rhodia and son of its King and Queen. According to the file, records showed that Charlie had lived on Earth since early September 2016. It mentioned Charlie and the Quill terrorist Andrea Quill were brought to Earth by the Doctor after an attack on Rhodia by the Shadow Kin. It said that the Doctor was thought to have entrusted Charlie and students Ram Singh, April MacLean, Tanya Adeola and Matteusz Andrzejewski, under Quill's guidance, to keep alien threats at bay.

The file also mentioned separate files on the Doctor and UNIT, Andrea Quill and Alien Invasions of Coal Hill Academy; which was said to include further information on the Shadow Kin, Leaf Dragon and Lankin. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

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