Fifth Doctor comic stories were published in Doctor Who Monthly (later The Official Doctor Who Magazine) during Peter Davison's tenure as the Fifth Doctor.

Doctor Who Monthly launched the Fifth Doctor's comic strip adventures with the Doctor travelling on his own. Later a number of new and familiar characters were included. (These decisions were largely determined by the issue of image rights.)

The Fifth Doctor's original DWM run of six stories published from DWM 61 to DWM 87 contained no direct connections to the televised adventures of the Fifth Doctor beyond the Doctor appearing as he did on TV. Stories in the first half of the original run featured the village of Stockbridge, while stories in the second half featured Angus Goodman. The sixth story, The Moderator began a storyline which continued into The Shape Shifter, the first Sixth Doctor comic story.

One Fifth Doctor comic was published outside of DWM during the time that the Fifth Doctor was the "current" Doctor: On the Planet Isopterus in Doctor Who Annual 1983.

While Doctor Who Magazine, as the magazine was later known, mostly used the current Doctor in the regular comic strip adventures, Fifth Doctor comic strip stories have appeared from time to time in the regular magazine, specials and in other publications since his television retirement.

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Travelling with Shayde and Sir Justin of Wells
Travelling with Maxwell Edison
Travelling with Shayde
Travelling with Angus Goodman
Guest appearance of the Fifth Doctor
Travelling with Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough
Travelling with Peri Brown

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  • Dead Man's Hand (DW12 15 featuring Matrix projections of the first eleven Doctors and the War Doctor)

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