Field Major was a Sontaran military rank.

Field Major Styre was conducting experiments on humans on post solar flare Earth after the planet was habitable again. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment)

Along with a Draconian and a human, Field Major Sarg was transmatted into a cell to fight the other occupants. (HOMEVID: Mindgame)

After landing in Egypt around 3500 BC and being declared a god, Field Major Styx tried to make the natives build an ion cannon emplacement to use against the Rutan Host. While recharging, Tothmes told the pharaoh that the god had died and had him entombed. (COMIC: The Gods Walk Among Us)

Starn was a Field Major attached to Sontaran Military Intelligence. He longed to return to active combat duty, (AUDIO: Silent Warrior) and indeed died a fighting Commander. (PROSE: The Three Little Sontarans, The Three Brothers Gruff)

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