A fiancé was a man who was engaged to be married.

Carol Richmond and her fiancé John were both part of an expedition to the Sense-Sphere. (TV: The Sensorites)

Jo Grant met her fiancé Clifford Jones in Llanfairfach. (TV: The Green Death)

Vena's fiancé Mykros helped the Sixth Doctor defeat the Borad. (TV: Timelash)

After Stacy Townsend's fiancé Bill underwent partial cyber-conversion, he was able to fight the conditioning to defeat the Cybermen, though he was killed whilst doing so. (COMIC: Dreadnought)

Martha Jones at some point broke up with her fiancé, Thomas Milligan and married Mickey Smith. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem, The End of Time)

Amy Pond lost her fiancé Rory Williams to a crack in time, but he was fully restored after the Eleventh Doctor rebooted the universe. (TV: The Big Bang)

After Gwen Cooper's fiancé Rhys Williams discovered she was working for Torchwood Three, she chose not to retcon him, to which Jack Harkness reluctantly agreed. (TV: Meat)

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