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Festive Thirteenth Doctor Yule Log was an animated Christmas webcast featuring the Thirteenth Doctor, released in early December 2018. It followed the tradition set by BBC America the previous December, with the TARDIS Yule Log.

It was the first of two animated Christmas webcasts released in 2018, the second being 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.


The Thirteenth Doctor comes to a warm living room to warm herself by a Christmassy chimney fire.


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  • The full webcast lasted no less than two hours, with the intent (as stated in the description) that viewers be able to relax in a festive mood alongside the Doctor herself in real time. As such, the word "log" in the title takes a double meaning, both as the burning log in the chimney, and as the video itself being a filmed "log" of the Doctor's activities.
  • The webcast was released on the BBC America YouTube channel, rather than on the main Doctor Who one.