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Ferril's Folly was the eleventh story of the fifth series of The Companion Chronicles, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Peter Anghelides, narrated by Mary Tamm and featured the Fourth Doctor and Romana I.

Publisher's summary[]

The search for the fourth segment of the Key to Time brings the Doctor and Romana back to Earth in the present day.

In a small village in Norfolk, former astronaut Lady Millicent Ferril has established an observatory, tracking a meteorite from the Cronquist System. It is a meteorite that almost killed her years before — and perhaps left her not entirely human.

As Ferril's power grows, so does her influence. She can control metal. And anything metal — from a suit of armour to a bicycle — is now lethal...


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  • Romana wears wellington boots.
  • Lady Millicent Ferril describes the Doctor's scarf as "ridiculously long."
  • The Doctor left K9 in the TARDIS and told him to stay.
  • Prior to marrying the late Lord Ferril, Lady Ferril was the NASA astronaut Millicent Drake. While she was on a mission in 1996, a meteorite struck her shuttle.
  • The Doctor plays darts with the locals in the Plow and Harrow.
  • Lord Ferril's grandfather Sir Hector Ferril was a hero of World War II.
  • Romana describes the Key to Time as an orderly pattern extending in four dimensions.
  • The Cronquist system's star is aligned with Earth for the first time in five thousand years in geo-temporal orbit. It is in another part of the galaxy.
  • Iron is the most common element on Earth.
  • Ferril can only psychokinetically control iron or iron alloys. As such, she can animate statues and uses them to speak and hear through.
  • Romana mentions ferromagnetic crystalline structures and metal.




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