Ferran was the Prefect of the Klade faction in the far future.

Ferran travelled from the far future to Earth in the 20th century to kill empress Miranda Dawkins to prevent her from claiming the throne and making peace between warring the factions. The Eighth Doctor prevented his assassination.

Twenty years later, Ferran became the ruler of the empire. The factions and houses were corrupt and the Empire was on the verge of social and economic collapse. The factions waged war with each other and Ferran decided to travel to the past in order to find Miranda.

Arriving on Earth, Ferran kidnapped Miranda, forcing the Doctor to attempt a rescue mission. The Doctor was captured by Ferran's men but was released after Miranda promised to return to the future and rule with him as long as he renounced his corrupt ways. (PROSE: Father Time)

In the far future, Ferran plotted to kill Miranda and use her genetic code to open the Librarinth on the Needle. Ferran sent two assassins, Thélash and Rum, to hunt Miranda. (COMIC: Miranda)

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