Ferdinand (Minions of the Moon)

Duke Ferdinand was a nobleman in the 16th century. In 1590, he was a member of the Florentine delegation sent to the Moon to open diplomatic relations with the Lunaries. He disliked the Lunaries' hedonistic culture as it left no place for a tyrant like himself. He secretly worked with Sir Malcome Canker to sabotage the English delegation's bid to ally with the Lunaries. He first tried to discredit Jack Fuller by exposing his dalliance with two Lunary females to Queen Elizabeth I, then had him poisoned with Hydra venom, but both attempts failed. He later attended the reception celebrating the alliance between England and the Lunaries, during which he learned the real English ambassador was Lady Olivia Somerset, Fuller having been merely a distraction. (PROSE: Minions of the Moon)

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