Jamie McCrimmon expressed old-fashioned values about the roles of men and women, often seeing it as his duty to protect the ladies, even when they rebuked him with modern concepts of feminism and women's suffrage. (TV: The Invasion, The War Games)

In 2700 BC Mesopotamia, the Seventh Doctor told Ace, who had failed to convince En-Gula to give up being a temple priestess, that it was a few thousand years too early to start feminism. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Genesys)

In London in 1912, the First Doctor, Vicki, and Steven encountered the suffragettes, a feminist movement for equal voting rights for women. (AUDIO: The Suffering) However, the First Doctor had a more traditional attitude to women's rights, describing women as "the fairer sex", describing a male nurse as seeming "a little improbable", and (after seeing that his TARDIS had not been dusted) saying that Polly must have not have been around anymore. (TV: Twice Upon a Time)

Rachel Edwards thought that Americans were silly for seriously thinking that Hillary Clinton was a feminist. (PROSE: Head of State)

Jo commented that it was "about time that women's lib was brought to Draconia". (TV: Frontier in Space)

Feminists whom the Doctor met or even travelled with were Isobel Watkins, (TV: The Invasion) Dr Ruth Ingram (TV: The Time Monster) and Sarah Jane Smith. (TV: The Time Warrior)

When Ng claimed that men shouted more at SatNavs with female voices, St John Colchester claimed that that was said only by liars and feminists. (AUDIO: Changes Everything)