The Femdroids were a type of android created on the planet Metralubit. They functioned as Metralubit's civil service, to handle the mundane tasks of government. They were designed to appear as attractive women to increase the morale and attention span of the predominantly heterosexual male staff of the government. Some Femdroids were also used in the media.

Capabilities Edit

Femdroids were continually linked to each other through transceivers that they wore around their necks as amulets. They were capable of lifting over a hundred kilogrammes without difficulty.

History Edit

The Femdroids were created by scientists who extrapolated the basic concepts of robotics and artificial intelligence from the memory of Menlove Stokes and his encounter with K9. At first, they were merely servitors, until Liris discovered the existence of the Darkness and its feeding cycle.

Deducing that the humans who had created them would panic upon learning what Liris had discovered, Galatea decided that that information would be kept from them, and instead they would transmat the population of Metralubit to another world, while setting a trap to destroy the Darkness.

The Femdroids were completely wiped out when Menlove Stokes destroyed their control centre. (PROSE: The Well-Mannered War; AUDIO: The Well-Mannered War)

Behind the scenes Edit

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