No later than at the beginning of the 1990s, a female bone spider fell through a tear in space-time and appeared in Alice Parsons' house. She preferred remaining invisible, but unmasked herself to save Alice from falling down the stairs. They became unlikely friends, with the spider showing Alice images of Catherine Parsons, her daughter given up for adoption. The sightings of a young girl in a house whose only resident was an elderly lady caused multiple rumours about the house.

At some point before November 2014, the spider gave birth to a baby girl.

The spider was sometimes hiding Alice from a real estate developer named Constantine Oliver, who was pestering Alice to sell her house.

In July 2015, Alice died and the baby spider was accidentally carried away with her coffin. Desperate to find her child, the mother started sending in all directions homing signals hidden in dandelion clocks. While waiting, the spider was scaring all visitors away from the house, mostly by showing them their nightmares or sometimes by cocooning them in spiderwebs.

In 2016, one beacon drew Amira, a young refugee from Syria, to the house. Feeling lonely, the spider locked her in the house for weeks, without showing herself. Not knowing the difference between good dreams and nightmares, the spider was often making Amira relive the horrors she experienced on her way from Syria to London.

In November 2016, Tanya Adeola was similarly drawn to the house, saw Amira in the window and decided to rescue her from the house. This resulted in several confrontations between the mother spider and the Coal Hill defenders. During one confrontation, the spider managed to separate Tanya, whom she liked, from the others and lock her in the house together with Amira.

The next day, while the spider was busy scaring away a demolition crew brought by Mr Oliver, Tanya saw her for the first time. Miss Quill managed to tie the now visible spider up with the help from Alan Turnpike and Amira. However, Tanya released the spider, thereby earning her trust. When the spider showed the story of her missing child, Tanya led the quest to find it.

Meanwhile the spider helped Miss Quill scare Mr Oliver into relinquishing all rights to the house.

After Tanya and Alan returned the baby spider to her mother, both remained in the house until such time when it would be possible to return them to their home planet. (PROSE: The Stone House)

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